December 8, 2017

Another Facebook post!

There's a comedy website that posted this meme on their page. Crazy thing is, that's ME at the kids' table! (Although they borrowed the photo without permission, they did give credit after I pointed this out.)

My friend, Keith, posted this on Facebook

That's his son camouflaging THE DRAKE EQUATION with the greatest reading material around. Smart kid!

November 19, 2017

A Note to a Friend

A friend's child ("M") has been having a difficult time at school. I don't know if my note helped, but it made me feel better:
— — — — — — — —
Dear M.,

Do you want to know something? My whole life, I’ve never, ever felt like I “fit in.” Even in some of my earliest memories, it seemed like I was out of step with everybody else.

It’s hard to explain. The things I cared about, other people thought were lame. The things other people cared about didn’t make sense to me. And it wasn’t just my imagination! I really did look at the world differently. For example, in movie theaters, I was the only one to laugh at parts where everyone else was totally quiet.

At first, I wondered if everyone else felt the same way. But since not everyone else got called “weird,” I decided that wasn’t it. And I decided that if someone called me “weird,” it wasn’t so bad. It wasn’t the same as saying I was a bad or awful person. It even seemed funny when people would say “weird” like it was an insult. I mean, try saying “ordinary” to someone in a mean tone! It doesn’t work.

Anyway, now that I’m older, I can spot the people who are different. Some of them are super-creative, some are funny, and others just have a slightly off-kilter viewpoint. But no matter who they are, I appreciate “different people.” Not only are they super interesting, but they sometimes have had a hard time growing up. 

That means the different people can use someone who sees them. The different people can use someone who appreciates them. 

And M., I appreciate YOU. You’re amazing!

Your “different” friend,


November 2, 2017

My friend just posted this on my Facebook page.

This is a totally weird coincidence, because I was Bart King last night too! 

In real life, I'm actually Bartholomew. This name can also lead to problems, one of which was captured in the classic film Spaceballs, after John Candy's character ("Barf") was asked for his full name:

November 1, 2017


There was an unexpected knock at the door.

Let that sink in.
(With a nod to Tom Tomorrow.)


His fingers met a soft, plastic-wrapped object. 

Jerking his hand out of the pocket, he tried to remember the last time he’d worn this coat. Was it for a dog walk—last week?

And in a chilling rush, two words sprang to his mind: 
Biodegradable bag.