August 30, 2015

High winds in our neighborhood have claimed a tragic victim!

Yes, I'm sad to report that our Tin Man fell off the porch. Why didn't I listen to my friend, Mark? He told me to install a tiny handrail and I didn't listen!

August 24, 2015

Sunflower magic didn't work for me? :(

My friend Mark wrote that on his daughter’s last day of preschool, her teachers sent every kid home with a packet of seeds and told them:
"When these bloom, you'll be ready for kindergarten."
And look at one of her sunflowers today—the same day kindergarten’s starting!

Isn't that great? However, below is the sunflower that I planted at the start of summer.
Looks like it's back to preschool for me… AGAIN.

Happy Monday!

August 16, 2015

Kay always said she'd take her fudge recipe with her to the grave.

Somewhat related—the physicist Ludwig Botzman’s tombstone reads:
S = k. LogW

Of course, 'S' is a system’s entropy, while 'k' is Boltzman’s Constant, and 'W' is the extent to which energy is dispersed. Good job, Ludwig!

Photos here and here.