June 22, 2017

IMPORTANT — "The Drake Equation" is out in paperback!

Yes, 2016's best funny book about aliens, and ducks is now available at prices that are so out of this world, it's quackers.

The Drake Equation in paperback is now at Amazon, Powell's, and, well, pretty much everywhere. 
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June 16, 2017


"I got the chair, I got the chair, I got the — AHHHHH!"

Also, I posted a version of this earlier, 
but I think this might be the perfect GIF:

Killing time in the tech section? 😉

Admittedly, this is very annoying if employees have to change the wallpaper back! (Via.)

June 10, 2017

Sheesh! C'mon Hilton!

"Books are for display purposes only"? 

That's like owning a sailboat, and never getting on board! (Via.)

June 9, 2017


First up: A bloodthirsty predator attacks!

Also, I just like the way this golfer runs!