June 23, 2015

Walking the path of a rugged loner takes courage

But that's just who I am.

(BTW, I think sandals-'n'-white socks are way less nerdy than Crocs, but maybe I'm all alone on that one!)

June 18, 2015

Give it a second...

That's one tough cookie!

Kudos to this young baker, whose "Crapola Cookies" (from BOY STUFF) are disturbingly authentic! (And thank you to Jessa Works for sharing.)

June 14, 2015

"Oh Jimmy!"

My dad always said, "Don't bring a slingshot 
to a rocket launcher fight." 
(Provenance unknown!)

June 12, 2015

Kids toys in 1964 were terrifying!


It's Friday, which means TGIT—thank goodness I tweet!

Dog owners are the worst.